OpenRep SYNOPSIS - Homeopathic Software

The OpenRep SYNOPSIS by Polony & Weaver is a new generation of homeopathic software.

It is the only homeopathic software compatible with MS Windows, Apple Mac OSX and Linux.

No emulators, no crossovers, just pure Java.

Several years ago, the OpenRep project was started by Vladimir Polony. The Development of the OpenRep FREE was made possible by the input of the homoeopathic community which resulted in thousands of copies of the software being downloaded and used daily. The need for a more advanced program saw the production of the OpenRep Professional which incorporated a Materia Medica Browser and other useful tools.

What set OpenRep apart from other software was the intuitive operating system which allowed users to work with the program in minutes, obviating the need for bulky instruction manuals and a steep learning curve. The simplistic ease of use and user centric design belies the intricacy and depth of the programing language to ensure 100% accuracy at every practitioner input. Wanting to raise the standards even higher, the introduction of Homoeopathic educator and researcher Gary Weaver to the team transformed the OpenRep project into the OpenRep SYNOPSIS program.

Welcome to the OpenRep SYNOPSIS. Built on the bedrock of the OpenRep.
Faster, more efficient, more user-friendly.
Welcome to the future.

Software keynotes

  • Search and browse in over 337 materia medicas and additional texts
  • Use 16 repertories
  • Advanced Patient Management System
  • View repertory in book view form
  • Explore remedy relations with a single key stroke
  • Personal licensing system

Free Demo version
As a legacy of OpenRep Free - the first open-source homeopathic software, the OpenRep SYNOPSIS fully functional Demo version is available as a free download.

Full version
The SYNOPSIS containing 16 repertories, also includes the most accurate translation of the 1846 Therapeutic Pocket Book by Boenninghausen. This P & W 2011 edition of the T.P.B. is presented and rendered accurately in German, English and Spanish.